Oil pulling or Oil Flossing anyone?

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Oil Flossing

How to Improve your Oral Health using Oil Therapy.

Ayurveda advises gargling with oil, herbal liquid or Ghee to purify the entire body system. This was first documented by Father of Indian Medicine – Maharishi Charaka more than 5000 years ago. Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine scientifically shows how tongue is connected to different organs such as to the kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, small intestines, stomach, colon, and spine.

Oil Flossing Internet today has brought about many Ayurvedic health therapies into the forefront of public awareness. Many busy health seekers, however, are looking for something simple, easy to pronounce (not Sanskrit), something that does not involve going to a health practitioner and also something that can be self-implemented easily. Thus was born the word “Oil Pulling”

With coconut oil, fast becoming a billion dollar industry, oil pulling is definitely gaining super speed popularity.

But don’t jump into buying Coconut oil yet…. read on first!

So what exactly is Oil pulling?

1 tablespoon of oil is placed in mouth and swished between teeth over a period of 1-10mins. While you swish the oil, you are also pulling it between teeth. Thus was born the word Oil Flossing. If you are brave and or serious about your oral health, you can go upto 20 minutes.

So the question becomes, is it Oil Pulling  or Oil Flossing?

Well, both these words are modern, simplified yet a diluted version of original Ayurvedic oral care therapy.  The outcome is the same no matter what you call it. All you need, is to understand what Oil pulling does to your mouth.

Now I do want to pause here for a moment to clarify the false expectations created by many internet health gurus. In the process of oversimplifying, many gurus have been amplifying total body health benefits associated with oil pulling. Almost making Oil Pulling sound like a miracle cure for multiple health issues. For experiencing greater bodily benefits however, you need to understand original ayurvedic oral therapies for a moment.

Authentic Vedic oral therapies are designed to be preventative, symptomatic as well as curative. Using these methods, surgery or medication could be prevented for a number of chronic illnesses. To incorporate authentic Vedic oral therapies individualized to your body type, will need more than just one simple video or article on the internet. Why…….?

Because all original Vedic oral therapies involve an absolute individualized approach based on individual body type. These therapies take into consideration current status of health or status of various stages of disease progression before being customized for each person.

Thus due to lack of custom individualization, modern “simplified” oil pulling may not give you all the original bodily benefits of oral therapies. Nevertheless, it is a great starting point as a Localized “oral” detoxification technique.

Depending on the oil used (coconut, MCT, sesame, sunflower), individualized to your body type,  there are some amazing localized mouth, mucosa & tongue benefits that one can begin to experience right away.


  1. Anti-Cariogenic
  2. Teeth whitening
  3. Tongue & Mucosa cleansing and detoxification
  4. Tongue Organ rejuvenation
  5. Anti-aging (If done correctly)
  6. Enamel Remineralization


  • Take 1 tablespoon of oil in Mouth
  • Swish for 5-20 mins (beginners start with 1 min then increase it slowly to 5-20 mins)
  • Take a zip lock bag and spit in it and discard bag. ( don’t spit in sink to avoid future drain clog)
  • Do not eat or drink for 30-60 mins
  • Morning is best time – As it activates all tongue organs.
  • Raw unprocessed oil is preferred over refined or super refined oil.

Ayurvedic Words of Wisdom:

  • Use only oil that is right for your individual unique body identity.
  • Before Choosing an oil, pay attention to environment around and within your body.
  • Listen to your body signs and not your mind (or health guru) convincing you otherwise.
  • Each oil has either cooling, heating or neutral qualities.
    • Summer is great time to use Coconut oil as it is cooling in nature. (Be careful not to use coconut oil during colder climate, as its vasoconstrictive actions during winter block rather than help remove toxins). If you use it for cooking too, then bulk buying of Coconut oil may help as shelf life of coconut oil is very long.
    • Only Use Liquid Coconut oil as it is balanced with your body temperature. This means do not use Coconut oil when it is solidified!
    • Winter is great time to use Sesame Oil as it is hot in nature and thus detoxes faster.

Overall  Raw Unrefined Coconut or Sesame Oil are great starter oils for daily oral care.  So whether you choose to call it oil pulling or oil flossing, go ahead and begin experiencing the benefits of this ancient timeless self care routine for mouth. Especially if you are lazy with tooth flossing, then this oil flossing might just save your teeth in between your laziness.

Please use this information as a basic oral therapy regimen to incorporate into your daily oral health routine.  Later I will write a blog about how to implement original oral therapies for more integrative health benefits.

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