Namaste! Hand – Feet hold Health Keys!

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Do your hand and feet really hold keys to your health…..well read on and decide for yourself 🙂

Human body is a gigantic web of interconnection. Every single cell knows what is going on in every other cell in the body. How? Via Sensory nerves.

Sensory Nerves originate in the brain or spinal column. When these nerves end on outside in the skin and other sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue) – it becomes Conscious Sensation. Meaning we are aware of the sensation.

When Sensory nerves end on the inside, in an internal organ or tissue cells it becomes Unconscious Sensation, meaning we are unaware of the sensation.

Despite the advances made in modern science, No doctor, Robot or technology, even today in 2016 can “physically” track the pathways that connect the brain, spine and internal organs. Anatomically and physiologically, doctors know that these pathways exist and understand the mechanics behind it, but the actual sensation is “only” felt by the individual person.

Ancient physicians in India and China however had brilliantly discovered three most concentrated spots in human body which consciously connects the outside with the inside. These three locations could super speed you into self healing.  Via live vivisection, intuitive meditative energy tracking protocols and clinical observations, these ancient scientists more than 5000+ years ago had scientifically shown the connection between internal organs and external body. This wisdom is what we know today as Marma Science (Vedic) and Meridian Science (Chinese).

Where are these three concentrated locations?  In Hands, Feet and Ears! All three locations have specific areas that correlated with various major organs inside the body.

Feet Marma OrgansWhether you call it Marma or Meridian or whether you use pressure or needles (Acupressure vs Acupuncture) to stimulate these points, the end result is that stimulating certain specific points on the outside creates a definite change on the inside.

There are over 114 Marma points and over 400 meridian points in human body that can create great influence at cellular level.  Yes, creating specific cellular influence does need more training. However when it comes to Hand, Feet and Ear locations, anyone and everyone can create an influence within the body that can bring about years of health and continuous healing. Simply walking barefeet or resting your hands on table with pressure can also influence these organ locations.

Hand Marma OrgansThe Classical Indian Namaste is nothing but a brilliant cultural health routine to activate as well as calm all internal organs inside the body. Think about it, every single point on hands touch each other and get pressure with a Namaste!

There is more to Namaste and I will write about it in my future posts…..

Knowing these organ locations helps consciously stimulate the internal organs even before any disease arises. In disease, stimulating these points can influence speedy recovery from specific illnesses. How…..here are a few examples.

  1. All toes and finger tips are connected with Sinuses, Brain and Teeth – If you have sinus infection, simply dry massaging your toes and finger tips or with sesame oil will clear up your breathing pretty quickly. Don’t believe me….try it next time. This has been my # 1 strategy I have used to reverse flu in my kids ever since they were babies.
  2. If you want to improve your memory, pull on your ear lobes or rub your first big toe and thumb. Even once will do, twice is even better. If you are into meditation and spiritual practices, ear lobe pulling activates pineal and pituitary glands.
  3. Inner sides of hand and feet coincides with YOUR spinal alignment. Human body posture can change if feet shape is off or if there is an injury in specific spinal points. If you have back or neck ache, rub on the spinal point and see if you feel the connection. (Look for ©, T, T7, L, TB on images)
  4. The central location of both hand and feet is connected with the heart. Rub your palm center and feet center and if you feel mild tenderness then you have stress in the heart. Rub a little more on those same spots and take some deep breaths. Within few seconds you will begin to feel a little less stressed and your heart beat slowing down with relaxation!

person-1052701_1920From dentistry point of view, anytime I have a patient with toothache, I will check specific points on hands, feet and ears and 99% of times, there is tenderness on those points. I will even use these points to rule out issues with teeth versus internal problems causing teeth ache. This is another strategy, I routinely use to avoid unnecessary root canal treatments in my patients!

Ever wondered how Yoga-Asana work and influence your body? Well, just pay attention to which locations get the most pressure and stretching. You will find most of these asanas influence hands and feet ultimately making you feel good!  Look at the hand and feet pictures again and the organs that get pressed and you will understand why Yogaasana makes you feel good.

If you want to learn more about this science there are many beautiful books written about them. Even if you learn and understand 1% of how your hands, feet and ears can heal you, you would make your life that much more pain-free!

If you still have questions or would like to learn more about this ancient wisdom from me, send an email to [email protected]

If you are a dental patient looking to find out if you really need a root canal, send an email to [email protected]

Here is to your health and more days of being pain-free.

With Love and Grace,

Dr Kalpna Ranadive

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