Mouth is a Gateway to our Inner world

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Early human mouth is called Stomodaeum – Which in Latin translates to Mouth of God where Stoma = mouth and Daeum = of God.

Of all the access points into the body, Mouth is the biggest portal of entry, where we voluntarily decide what enters into our body. If we focus on a very elemental level, what actually enters our body is Solids, liquids and Air via our mouth.

Everything that we put in our mouth interacts with our body, whether it is food, water or even air. The general rule when something enters inside the body is either it has to get processed and converted to another energy form in body, or it has to come out of the body. If something does stay in the body without changing its form (eg metals) then it is going to have active, passive or neutral effect in the body.

Hence, the Journey of uncovering the Secrets of an ageless body begins in the mouth. If we simply focus on what enters our body via our mouth, we can create a massive shift towards an ageless and healthy body.

Human beings, however, all have the Gift of FREE will. That means we have the choice to choose what we want with our life including our body. This also means that what we put inside our mouth is directly proportional to how much we are using our free will to honor or abuse our own body.

Most health and wellness industry focused on either food/diet plans, or modified drinks or meditation related products forget that the secrets to a fit body do not lie in only one approach. Our body cannot shift by just focusing on one of the elements! An individual shift towards a disease free or ache free ageless body can only happen when we focus on all three elements simultaneously!  I go into much more of an elaborate discussion about this when I talk about it in my upcoming LASIVA method.

So what choices are you making to put in your mouth? Are you helping or hurting your body? Can we reverse aging if we chose wisely?

About: Dr. Kalpna Ranadive is an entrepreneur, mom and on a mission to create a generational shift in humanity towards a disease free tomorrow. She is also a CEO and founder of Smilez Dental Care. She, an Ivy League graduate has four dental degrees and has created a dental practice business model, which is designed to preserve and honor our body via self-healing and blended technology. Her single visit practice model attracts many working and busy moms and ageless body health seekers to her practice.  With simple easy to use methods, she believes our body already has all the tools necessary to heal into agelessness.

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