Lemon Water Bad for Teeth?

Internet is buzzing with recommendations these days about how Lemon or Lime water is good for your health. And how you should start your day by drinking a cup of Hot lemon Water. From Health Gurus to Health sites to your facebook feed you will see this as the latest recommended “Health Advice”!

Lemon water is touted for turning Alkaline the minute it hits the Stomach, hence it acts as gut and blood cleanser. While I do hold my reservations about such claims that lemons make the stomach alkaline, I do know that Lemon/Lime are a great source of Vitamin C and are a must add to every diet protocol.

While everyone debate on what happens to the lemon/lime water after it goes into your stomach, there is no doubt that it is still very acidic while in mouth. How acidic? The pH is 2.0! Normal Water pH is 7.0!

There is more than enough proven scientific proof of lemon/lime damage to the teeth enamel throughout the literature. Over the past 20 years I have seen enough enamel erosion and teeth decay in my patients mouth to know how damaging acidic wear can be.

Over the past 3 years, as I watch the changing trend in my health conscious patients leaning towards drinking lemon water first thing in the morning due to these “internet recommendations”, I do my part to warn them about teeth damage associated with lemon water, apple cider vinegar, lemon soda and other acidic drinks.

There is no doubt that there is higher incidence of decay in acidic drink consumers and while the scientists are busy gathering the data showing the connection, my philosophy is why wait for the damage to happen in YOUR mouth.

Here are few facts and few solutions to drinking lemon water and its side effects with teeth.


* Hot Lemon Water Causes More Decay.
* Brushing after Lemon Water  leads to accelerated Enamel erosion.
* Sipping on Lemon water or Lemon Tea all day long causes more decay.
* Lime is more acidic than Lemon
* Lemon Soda is most damaging to Teeth


1. Rinse with Plain Water immediately.
2. Do not brush atleast for 10 minutes after rinsing with water – Allows Saliva Buffers to nullify acid wear.
3. Chew on Cheese Cube or Swish with coconut oil after – It helps replenish the lost Calcium
4. Go for Regular Dental Check ups.
5. Know your Body – If you are generally prone to decay then go easy on lemon/lime water.

The above solutions are the same ones that you follow whether you drink wine, apple cider vinegar, sparkling water, soda water or any other acidic drinks.

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