Are you biting correctly? Think Again!

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Ask any dentist or physical therapist and you will hear one common theme….they will all agree that majority of the population has improper biting position.Any person who has headaches (especially early morning or late night), unexplained Jaw pain, Jaw Joint (TMJD) pain, or even unexplained backaches, fatigue, earaches or even vertigo could very well be suffering from an improper biting position issues.

Now we all know that a car with “well aligned” wheels will have car tires that will last much longer than a car with its wheel alignment off! Similarly in human being well aligned teeth will wear less and will not experience teeth/Jaw related headaches.

Significance of Aligned Head-Neck and Body Posture

Good posture is important not only for the entire body but also for your head and neck areas. With a properly aligned body, our bones, rather than our muscles support our weight and thus strain and effort on the body is greatly reduced. When one intentionally or unintentionally repeats poor posture every day, their body’s structure slowly changes and adapts to it, resulting in misalignment and pain.

How does improper posture create head-neck pain?

Imagine your head being a bowling ball; it does not weigh that much when well balanced on the neck and shoulders. However if it is rolled or placed forward, the head feels as if it has doubled its weight over the shoulders.Poor-posture

A faulty head position makes the head and neck muscles get overworked. Any overworked muscle is going to fatigue over time. The more stress on a muscle, the faster it will fatigue. For example: Take a heavy weight and hold it to your chest. Then take that same heavy weight and hold it at arm’s length. The muscles are going to give out a lot faster when the ball is away from the body at arm’s length.

Head position influences the way the teeth come together. If you tilt you head way back and very lightly touch your teeth together, only the back teeth touch. If you bend it way forward, only the front teeth touch. On tilting the head left or right the same side teeth will touch on edges. You can visualize as the head moves forward, the muscles in the front of the neck get tight and tend to pull the jaw down, open and backwards. Routinely we forget and tend to think of the jaw and teeth as their own entity, but now, you can see that the jaw bone is connected to the neck bone and the neck bone is connected

Self healing journey demands heightened self-awareness of our body. This allows us to know what is normal and what is abnormal on a daily basis. By simply making mindful shifts in our body, head, neck and jaw postures we can eliminate unnecessary headaches, neck aches or TMJ related symptoms. Until then Live, Love and Smile that you are alive!  Sleep peacefully knowing that we all have divinely intelligent structures already in place within our body to protect us from that next excruciating headache.

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