#2. Reason To Thank Our Teeth

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Thank your teethHuman teeth, well known for the creation of beautiful smiles are primarily assumed to exist in our mouths mainly to chew on food. The basic primordial functions of human teeth however, go magnificently deeper and amaze us when we realize as to why they truly exist.

In a life-threatening situation especially trauma to head and neck, every bone structure in human face and skull is “divinely” designed to protect, salvage and leave the brain untouched. It is in moments like these we thank and appreciate the sheer brilliance of “The One” who created human body to survive and thrive no matter how modern we get in our lifestyles.

In sudden jerky movements of head and neck like those experienced in automobile accidents or even high speed roller coasters, our teeth are designed to take on the first blow and act as shock absorbers. The hardness of enamel, clenching of teeth in crisscross pattern and a beautiful group function of all teeth as one unit that take on any blow is dynamically beautiful. Research has shown that people who don’t have teeth actually crack/fracture their jaws much more as compared to those who have all teeth still present.

In our everyday life, when our head rolls back “Slowly” our lower jaw opens up creating a space between teeth and lightly clenching only on back teeth. When our head rolls forward, our mouth opens up near our back teeth but will tend to lightly bite in our front teeth only. Now, fast forward these head movements in a car crash and you can only imagine how quick our muscles, teeth and bones act in unison to take on majority of the blow to the head. Together they form a shock absorbing defense team! After 25 years of studying human skull and jawbones, I am still in a magical awe everytime I see cases who survived car crash or head trauma. Observing closely what happened to their teeth and how their brain survived thus keeping them alive is still an amazing moment for me.

Anyone who has lost their teeth in auto-accidents or traumatic situation, rather than regretting the loss of teeth, should be thankful that they are alive because of the blow taken on by their teeth. Many people however are only focused on the loss of teeth rather than focusing on restoring them back to their functions. Today with technology there are many options from single-visit one day crowns or implants to restore the lost teeth. In the next article you will see why it is important to get those teeth restored quickly especially after head and neck injuries.

Until then Live, Love and Smile that you are alive!  Sleep peacefully knowing that we all have divinely intelligent structures already in place within our body to take on any next blow J

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