#1 Reason To Thank Our Teeth in Chronic Pain Situations

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We have all experienced headaches in our lifetime. Some get a few headaches occasionally others get them very often. Headaches can range from mild to severe due to many reasons. Usually headaches also trigger neck and jaw pain and generally most people are miserable during a headache. 90% of headaches are Tension headaches, which usually are triggered by excessive muscle tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck and face. 90% of tension headaches happen in women. Moreover, interestingly 90% of Jaw joint problems happen in women.

Now close your eyes and imagine a life with continuous 24/7 mild to severe headache and neck ache! Yikes! Most people say that they much rather be dead than live a life with 24/7 headache.

Luckily, for all of us, there is a very sophisticated and highly intelligent headache prevention system present within each of our bodies. This magnificently synchronized system actually prevents majority of our headaches even before they can begin within our head. Here is how….

There are sensory receptors embedded within the head-neck joint as well as within the jaw joint (Temperomandibular joint (TMJ). These receptors are in continuous communication with each other. The inner ear well known for creating body balance and equilibrium does so by balancing the fluid levels within its internal structure.  The TMJ receptors on the other hand control the muscles, which move the chewing muscles. These muscles are responsible to keep the jaw position in alignment such that the skull bones stay in alignment, which in turn keep the joint space for head-neck joint, balanced. In order to maintain the TMJ space, the teeth alignment has to be maintained every single day. Whether we realize it or not, our teeth are adjusting and moving 24/7 at a micro-level to maintain an equalized joint space. This equalized joint space in turn keeps the head, neck and face muscles relaxed.

As long as the muscles around the base of the skull are relaxed and not stressed, the nerves and blood vessels entering at head-neck joint stay balanced and free moving. Anytime there is an imbalance in this communication system, the muscles balancing the jaw, face, head and neck go into tension, thus leading to squishing of pain receptors in head/neck joint area and in turn triggering tension headache.

Fortunately, in most healthy people, this communication system is functioning 24/7 and the jaw, head-neck muscles stay well balanced thus leading to a pain-free and headache free day-to-day living. If it weren’t for our teeth and TMJ balancing receptor system, we as human beings would be in continuous pain due to pinched neck nerves leading to 24/7 headaches. Those of us who get occasional headaches should thank our teeth and TMJ for saving us from more headaches. As I leave you in awe and appreciation of our body balancing systems, I urge those who get more frequent headaches to read the next article, which shows you a path that leads to a head-ache free life J

Until then Live, Love and Smile that you are alive!  Sleep peacefully knowing that we all have divinely intelligent structures already in place within our body to protect us from that next excruciating headache.

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