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Namaste! Hand – Feet hold Health Keys!

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Do your hand and feet really hold keys to your health…..well read on and decide for yourself 🙂 Human body is a gigantic web of interconnection. Every single cell knows…

Oil Flossing

Oil pulling or Oil Flossing anyone?

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How to Improve your Oral Health using Oil Therapy. Ayurveda advises gargling with oil, herbal liquid or Ghee to purify the entire body system. This was first documented by Father…

Lemon Water Bad for Teeth?

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Internet is buzzing with recommendations these days about how Lemon or Lime water is good for your health. And how you should start your day by drinking a cup of…

TURMERIC – Natural Cancer Fighter And More

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  Turmeric has been part of traditional medicine in India and Asia for thousands of years. Turmeric is a critical ingredient in curry powder, giving it both color and flavor. It has…